General Objectives

Throughout all of our programs these general objectives are in focus.

Language Development

It is our goal to interweave language development throughout our whole program.  We want children to develop good communication skills, increase their vocabulary, and fine more expressive ways to share their thoughts and feelings.

Perceptual Skills

We strive to help children develop a sensitivity to the world around them.  To take in that information through their senses and to process that information and learn from it.

Social Skills

This is an extremely important area.  We want children to learn how to get along with their peers, and how to interact with others.  We want them to develop mutual respect, learn how to share and take turns, to understand rules and limits, and learn acceptable ways of behavior within the group situation.

Gross Motor Skills

We want children to develop their muscles and small muscle coordination, control and dexterity.  We provide many toys and games and materials that foster that development.

Fine Motor Skills

We aim to help children meet their physical needs by providing nutritious snacks, allowing for ample rest, and proving plenty of exercise.  We also provide indoor and outdoor equipment, which foster large muscle development.  We want children to learn to run, jump, skip, crawl and climb.