Preschool Care

The following components are part of our preschool program.

Circle Time

Learning to share experience, finger play, weather, story telling, holiday discussions, music, importance of families, etc.

Circle Games

Groups participation, learning to take turns, fine and gross motor.

Christian Education

Bible Stories, Biblically-based songs & Music, Prayer, Visits by the Derby Campus Pastor, etc.


Songs, music and movement, band instruments.

Arts & Crafts

Using scissors, pasting, easel painting, finger painting, Age level activities that the child can do with very little help from teacher.


Sorting, counting, matching etc.


Develop concepts such as big, little etc building etc.

Reading Readiness

Letter recognition, books, printing, computer, reading readiness programs


Nutrition, (introduction of food group etc) grooming, washing hands, brushing teeth, reading books about the hospital, doctor, dentist, etc.

Outdoor Play

Some activities include sidewalk chalk drawing, hopscotch, jump rope, water activities, kickball, and riding tricycles and self-propelled vehicles.


Hanging up coats, taking care of personal items, helping pick up toys etc.


Puzzle, flannel board, opposite, story telling, etc.


Weight and Measure, Nature, exploring environment, etc